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CFES Brilliant Pathways Partner School

Kohala Middle School is proud to be a CFES Brilliant Pathways partner school! 


Through our partnership with CFES Brilliant Pathways, we’re giving students an opportunity to forge their route to a bright future. The CFES Brilliant Pathways program prepares students for college and career through mentoring, and equipping them with the Essential Skills that include perseverance, agility, goal setting, networking, teamwork, and leadership. 

At Kohala Middle School, we have 75 CFES Scholars, enrolled in our AVID 7th and 8th grade, and our Peer Mediation and Leadership classes.  The CFES Scholars participate in team building and goal setting activities throughout the year with their teachers and CFES staff to develop their Essential Skills.  The entire student body also benefits from CFES with quarterly College and Career lessons provided in our Advisory classes and House system.  Please call Wendy Nickl at 889-7119 if you have any questions.