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Promotion Policy


  1.  Provisions for successful student progress toward identified benchmark expectations in meeting the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards (HCPS) shall be made by offering educational experiences of increasing complexity.
  2. Each school’s Comprehensive Student Support System shall be an integral partof the educational experience, providing students in need with the appropriateprevention, early intervention, remediation, and ongoing assessment and support services to help ensure success.
  3. Decisions on the grade placement of students shall be based on academic performance and analysis of appropriate student data within a standards-based education system.
    • Factors to be weighed in the decision for grades K-12 include:
      1. Achievement as demonstrated by academic performance and successful progress in meeting identified benchmarks as specified in the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards.
      2. Multiple student data sources and supporting evidence including:
        • Report card and General Learner Outcomes ratings,
        • School and classroom assessments,
        • Student portfolios,
        • Student performance on the Hawaii State Assessment, and
        • Student progress on Individualized Education Program (IEP).
    • Should the decision regarding promotion/retention/acceleration of a student be in question, the final decision of placement will be made by the principal upon review of documentation and recommendation of the student’s teacher(s) and in consultation with parents, and may include:
      1. Promotion – placement in the next succeeding grade.
      2. Conditional promotion – placement in the next succeeding grade with reservation.
      3. Retention – placement in the same grade.
      4. Acceleration – placement in a grade higher than the next succeeding grade.
  4. Schools shall adhere to the following promotion criteria: Middle/Intermediate (Based on Board of Education Middle Level Education Promotion Policy 4502) c. Grades 6, 7, and 8 students shall earn promotion based on the student:
    1. Demonstrating satisfactory progress each year for identified grade level HCPS benchmarks for the core content areas:
      • Language arts
      • Mathematics
      • Science and
      • Social studies and
    2. Earning a total of 15 units and passing four core courses in each grade to be promoted to grade 9.
      • Twelve of the 15 units must be earned in the core content areas.
      • he three remaining units may be earned in core or non-core courses.