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School Behavioral Health

What is a Behavioral Health Specialist (BHS)?

A Behavioral Health Specialist is a mental health professional on campus whose role is to promote the healthy social, emotional, and behavioral development of all students. Through the use of a wide array of services and supports a Behavioral Health Specialist addresses barriers to learning so that the general well-being of students, families and school staff can be enhanced. A Behavioral Health Specialist’s activities may include:
• Individual and group counseling
• Parent support and training
• Teaching life enhancing skills to students
• Training and consultation with faculty and staff regarding emotional/behavioral barriers as well as interventions
• In-class emotional/behavioral support for qualifying students
• Developing Behavioral Support Plans to address student obstacles to learning
• Consulting with Student Support, IDEA, Section 504 and other school teams
• Promoting an on campus culture of Positive Behavioral Support
• Responding to crisis situations
• Collecting data regarding student achievement and well-being which is utilized in addressing ongoing student needs