Parent Teacher Conference Night!

Middle school students face the challenge of change as they develop emotionally, intellectually, and physically. During these growing pains, we strive to support your child to achieve their goals in the midst of their daily struggles. Come learn more about how you can support your child's success as a student at this fall's Parent Teacher Conference Night, Wednesday, October 25, 5PM-7PM
We invite you to come talk story, share light pupus and most importantly share in your student's progress at Kohala Middle School. This is a great time to open the channel of communication with your student's teachers, to give mutual feedback, and to address any academic or behavioral problems that may need solving. If you cannot attend the full two hours (5PM-7PM) that's okay, please plan to show up for part of the time if can!
When students, parents, and teachers collaborate we can better support your child's educational experience here at Kohala Middle School. 
If you have any questions please contact Wendy Nickl 889-7119
See you there!