Three Day Weekend "Brown Bags" Program

3-Day Weekend “Brown Bags” Program

Community Food Basket at Sacred Heart Church (Hawi) in partnership Kohala Middle School

The goal of this program is to support students when they do not have access to school food on long weekends

The brown bags will contain donated, easy to prepare breakfast, lunch and snacks for a 3-day weekend. All 6th graders will receive bags before 3-day weekends.

ALL 6TH GRADE STUDENTS MAY BENEFIT FROM THIS PROGRAM. STUDENTS WILL NOT BE FORCED TO ACCEPT A BAG. In households where there are siblings, we will try to accommodate the siblings if needed.

The food will be bagged on designated days by the exercise ladies who meet twice a week at St. Damien Hall, with KMS staff members--Gina Rocha, Wendy Nickl, Liz Bautista, Sheri Preston, Jenny Stevens, Renee Bautista and Tita Marley Rivera, along with the Girl Scouts.

Please direct questions to any of the KMS staff members listed above. MAHALO to Liberty Rivera and Lorraine Glory for coordinating this worthwhile program!!!!!